Aladdin Jr.

Recently, Rhode Island Youth Theatre had their last performance of Aladdin Jr on Saturday. I got a chance to be in this performance and got to play the character Razoul, with Cooper Cardone as Aladdin, and Bryn Martin as Princess Jasmine.

Here’s the main characters.

Cooper Cardone- Aladdin
Bryn Martin- Princess Jasmine
Kate Fitzgerald- Genie
Kyle Clark- Jafar
Helena Medici- Iago
Jacob King- Razoul
Lilly McMahon- Narrator 1
Sarah Brucini- Narrator 2
Ashlyn Quentin- Narrator 3
Thomas Fitzgerald- Narrator 4
Timothy Fine- Narrator 5

Director/Choreographer: Mimi Scheff
Assistant Director/Choreographer: Rebecca Malakowski
Music Director: Nancy Hillner

That’s all, leave a comment on this post if you were in Aladdin!!!!!!! 😊😊😊


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