So, most of you have started school this past week, and I know that most of you say in your head on the first day of school that it’s going to suck. Here are some tips not to have a sucky school day.

1.) Don’t ask stupid questions
2.) Follow dress code
3.) Bring your own lunch so you don’t spend money and wait in a super long line
4.) Mind your own business when it comes to drama
5.) Be respectful to your teachers.
6.) Decorate your locker so if your upset, you can look at pictures in your locker that make you feel happier
7.) Do your homework
8.) Make sure you have everything that is written down in your planner for homework goes from your locker into your backpack
9.) Help other students
10.) Turn in your homework the next day so you don’t get a zero. (That includes studying for tests and quizzes.)

Those are some tips on how to have a good school day.


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