Uglies Review

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the first book in a dystopian novel trilogy called Uglies.

This book is about a 15 year old girl named Tally Youngblood who lives in a dystopian world where when you turn 16 years old, you get and operation that turns you from an “Ugly” into a “Pretty”. After you start school, you live by yourself in dorms in a place called “Uglyville” and when you turn into a Pretty, you move to a place called “New Pretty Town”.

Tally is about to turn 16 and a few weeks before, Tally meets a girl named Shay, and she doesn’t want to turn into a Pretty and move to “New Pretty Town”. So she ran away and forced Tally to keep it a secret so they both don’t get in trouble.

When Tally is about to move, she finds out that she has to find Shay or else she will not be turned into a Pretty and she will become an outcast.

If this sounds like an interesting book, let me know!!!!!!


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