The Boxtrolls

I just saw the Boxtrolls with the Aladdin Cast. It was super funny and heart felt movie. So I’m going to talk about it!!!!!

The Boxtrolls is about a boy who was supposedly kidnapped by the Boxtrolls. People think that the Boxtrolls are these menacing creatures that eat peoloe and keep a pile of bones in their home. They’ve been wrong. The boxtrolls are these sweet little creatures that are named based on their boxes, they invent and fix things for fun. The boy’s name is Eggs, because his box was “full of eggs”. He meets a girl and she thinks that he is a normal boy when he really lives with Boxtrolls. A man called the Snatcher is trying to kidnap and kill all of the Boxtrolls.

The if you think that the movie is just like the trailer, think again.

I would give this movie a rating of 8 out of 10.

See you next Friday!!!!!


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